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Digital and Analytics A Match Made in Heaven

Digital and Analytics: A Match Made in Heaven

What makes the digital and analytics duo particularly sleek is their partnership holds the key to the future success of your contact center. In a recent Aberdeen report, 66% of respondents said the reason they are going digital is to improve CX. And that makes total sense, because you want to be where your customers are, on every channel.
Complete Beginners Guide to Outbound Call Centers

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Outbound Call Centers

An outbound call center is a customer service or sales operation that makes outgoing calls to customers or prospects. It's staffed with specially trained agents who work on-site, remotely, or may work for a business process outsourcer (BPO). Outbound call centers require unique technology, KPIs, and compliance requirements.
delivering consistently exceptional customer experience CX can be a competitive advantage

Want to Maintain Your Competitive Advantage? Make Sure You’re Using the Best Contact Center Software

The Kansas City Chiefs, who won the Super Bowl in 2020, had to come back from double digit deficits in two other post-season games leading up to their Super Bowl victory. You might say coming from behind is a competitive advantage for them. In the business world, success often depends on having a competitive advantage over your rivals. Maybe your business is successful because you have the most innovative products and services, or perhaps your competitive advantage comes from low operational costs.
Digital Customer Service Is More Than Just A Channel

Digital Customer Service Is More Than Just A Channel

NICE inContact CXone has all your needs covered, from 30+ channels, to digital-ready workforce management and quality management, all under one hood with one seamless experience. That way you can spent less time worrying how to execute your digital transformation, and more time wowing your customers and engaging your agents.
Mapping your contact center strategy to changing customer behavior

Mapping Your Contact Center Strategy to Changing Customer Behavior

For years, marketers like myself have long espoused the benefits of cloud platforms to help businesses gain agility. Over the past 10 months, the pandemic has accelerated cloud contact center adoption, which is a win for consumers where expectations for exceptional customer experience (CX) continue to rise. Throughout this year, many of our routines have been disrupted and re-engineered as we adopt to a new normal, we are connecting with each other more often via digital channels.