Digital and Analytics A Match Made in Heaven

Digital and Analytics: A Match Made in Heaven

There are many great duos in the world. Peanut butter and chocolate, Simon and Garfunkel, Burt and Ernie, R2D2 and C3PO, the list goes on. Great duos are meant to compliment and bring out the best in one another. Together they rise to the occasion and inspire others to do the same. For contact centers, rising to the occasion means adapting to all the ways customers want to interact, while still meeting the same level of service they expect. In the context of the contact center, one of my favorite duos are digital and analytics. The perfect pair giving your customers exceptional service on the channel they want, and the analytics to make sure everything is going according to plan.

What makes this duo particularly sleek is their partnership holds the key to the future success of your contact center. In a recent Aberdeen report, 66% of respondents said the reason they are going digital is to improve CX. And that makes total sense, because you want to be where your customers are, on every channel. A digital strategy provides you with the ability to be agile and quickly adapt to the changing times and give customers what they want. But that is only one component to improving CX. The second piece is knowing if your digital channels are performing and if your agents are still delivering the same value to keep your customers happy.   

Why are contact centers going digital

Benefits of going digital

A contact center that embraces digital channels is more valuable today than ever. Today’s consumers expect to be able to use their channel of choice based on the type of problem or issue that needs to be addressed and their current situation. The digital revolution is in full effect and if you want to keep up with your customers' growing needs and demands, you need a contact center solution that enables you to support them. And it goes beyond just email and chat. It is important to embrace the next generation of digital (i.e. Facebook, What’s App, Twitter, LinkedIn) to stay ahead of your competition and leave the best impression with your customer. While offering an omnichannel solution is important, its also just as vital to be able to analyze all interactions to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction and agent performance.

The most reliable information comes directly from the source

Understanding customer sentiment and frustration is just as important when you expand your channels to digital offerings. You are meeting them where they prefer, but you still need to make sure your agents know how to provide the best level of service per channel. Making sense of the unstructured data that is coming through your call center is crucial, especially in the new workforce landscape of moving between brick-and-mortar and working from home.  Listening in on a recording or two doesn’t provide the full channel spectrum of the customer experience and doesn’t give you a deep view into what is really happening. This is where interaction analytics play a key role in the success of a digital transformation.

Interaction Analytics is Digital’s best friend

Interaction Analytics is a true friend to your digital channel offerings because it turns extensive unstructured data into a holistic view of the customer experience. By identifying root cause analysis and trends across 100% of your interactions, you can guide measurable improvements, such as:

  • Enhance your customers’ omnichannel experiences - analyze every interaction to understand what transpired, identify outcomes, and evaluate the customer experience
  • Detect non-compliant actions in near real time and resolve them proactively before issues escalate
  • Spot training opportunities to improve operational efficiency and performance
  • Identify sentiment and detect emotion as a predictor of NPS

A fine pairing

To compete for customer loyalty and stay ahead of the competition digital transformation is essential, but to make that transition truly successful long-term, you need the help of interaction analytics to get the full picture view of what is happening in your contact center. Without it you only have one half of the great duo that keeps your customer returning to your brand.

If you are ready to dive in and discover which digital channels will have the greatest impact on creating an exceptional digital customer experience in your contact center, take our Digital Readiness Assessment today to get started.