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5 Ways to Make Outbound Communications Roar


Today’s outbound contact centers are being used by companies for a wide range of purposes—including telemarketing, collections, surveys, fundraising, and other activities. While these activities can generate positive business outcomes, contact center agents and supervisors also need the right tools to manage outbound activities and to optimize the customer experience while keeping costs down.

Using the right mix of outbound communications tools can strengthen business outcomes, particularly as a growing number of contact centers transition from being cost centers to profit centers. Sixty-nine percent of strategic decision-makers for contact centers in the U.S. and U.K. believe they are critical revenue generators for their organizations, according to Loudhouse Research. Arming agents with the right outbound communication tools is a critical requirement for success, particularly since the bulk of outbound activities are labor-related and companies are looking to generate the greatest possible productivity from their agents.

“So much of outbound is related to money—bringing in money, generating goodwill through proactive communications, plus agents are being compensated for their productivity and effectiveness,” says Cathy Tomczak, director of product management at NICE CXone. “So you have to provide agents the right tools since it impacts the bottom line.”

Strengthen Outbound Opportunities

Having the right outbound communications tools in place can make a huge difference in terms of both business benefits and operational gains. For instance, many organizational leaders are concerned with adhering to industry-specific compliance requirements. This includes agents adhering to explicit communications requirements with customers under regulations such as the Telephone Communications Protection Act (TCPA) which prohibits the use of auto dialers and prerecorded messages to wireless devices and other numbers. Especially when the call recipient has not given prior consent to be contacted and must pay for the charges.


NICE CXone Personal Connection (PDF)

NICE CXone Personal Connection is a patented proactive outbound dialer that generates more revenue and fewer hang-ups. It gives your Inside Sales team an easier way to attain quota by connecting with more prospects every day and helps your Customer Service team reduce inbound calls through personalized, low cost, and proactive outbound notifications.

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