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NICE CXone to Seamlessly Routes Calls to Multiple Call Centers For AllClear ID


As a data breach response service for consumers and businesses, AllClear ID needed to route calls to multiple outsourced call centers quickly and seamlessly, regardless of the system each call center was running. Using NICE CXone routing systems, AllClear ID can now set up call routing for millions of customers in minutes and stand up a breach response call center in a mere three days. In addition, the company can instantly drop or add outsourced call centers to ensure business continuity.

Customer Stories

NICE Contact Center Solutions Help 211 LA Put Customers First (PDF)

211 LA is a nonprofit information and referral service that connects Los Angeles County, CA residents with community organizations providing health, human, and social services. Their team of 60+ Community Resource Advisors provide information and referrals to over 500,000 people every year. Putting the customer first is a primary focus at 211 LA. NICE CXone helps them deliver an outstanding experience through the use of NICE CXone Omnichannel Routing for multiple communication options. They also leverage NICE CXone Quality Management Enterprise to drive high quality interactions in addition to using NICE CXone Workforce Management Enterprise for forecasting volume and optimizing staff schedules which has delivered a 20% reduction in full time employees.

Demo Videos

NICE Helps Radisson Hotel Group Provide Personalized Customer Experiences (Video)

Radisson Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest hotel companies. With five call centers and 250 agents around the globe, their goal is to make the reservation experience as smooth as possible. NICE allows Radisson to integrate multiple channels seamlessly and globally to meet their guests where they want to be met and how they want to be met anywhere in the world. Learn how CXone cloud customer experience platform makes it easier for Radisson to implement their 360-customer experience.

Customer Stories

ClearChoice gets a clear voice

ClearChoice is raising the efficiency bar, handling higher call volumes internally without relying on outsourcers, all thanks to CXone.