Boost agility: Experience the power of truly integrating Salesforce and your contact center


Discover how integrating Salesforce boosts agility so your contact center is ready for whatever comes next. From adapting quickly so your team can handle sudden shifts in customer needs to pinpointing what you can change to drive better results, your contact center will be prepared to act quickly, easily and effectively. The webinar includes demos of Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Einstein integrations with NICE CXone, plus a Q&A session.

White Papers

Get all the best practices in our new eBook from Aberdeen

Get all the best practices in our new eBook from Aberdeen. How can your contact center become more adaptive and 'future-ready'? This new Aberdeen eBook has all the latest guidance to help you manage potential risk factors and future impact events with a strategic approach.


CXone Performance Analytics for Salesforce Einstein datasheet

Improve your contact center performance in just a few clicks with CXone Performance Analytics for Salesforce Einstein. By automatically linking your CXone contact center interaction data to your Salesforce CRM, this analytics application creates a fully blended view of your data so AI-powered analytics can dig deep to reveal new recommendations and predictions that you can use to boost KPIs.


Agent for Salesforce

Learn how CXone Agent for Salesforce provides a consolidated agent desktop for fast, personalized service.