Customer Stories

Customer Direct boosts customer experience and agent retention with NICE CXone


Business process outsourcer, Customer Direct, struggled with its on-premises Toshiba system which required agents to login to multiple systems to support all interaction channels, didn’t support a scalable remote agent model and lacked customized reporting.

With the NICE CXone omnichannel platform, agents no longer need to login to multiple systems: they can complete interactions for all channels through the unified CXone platform. The company also implemented a work-from-home program that improved agent retention by 15% and resulted in lower turnover, reducing training costs by 50%.

Customer Stories

Marketing services company increases client acquisition rates and reduces onboarding time by 83% with CXone

A marketing services company was using a Five9 system that had frequent outages. Reporting and IVR system changes required the help of Five9 consultants, which resulted in lengthy delays and additional costs. With CXone, outages are now resolved and reporting and IVR system changes can now be completed quickly in-house. The time needed to set up new clients fell by 83%, which increased new client acquisitions and revenue. The company is also saving up to $3,000 per month, because it no longer needs to hire outside consultants to make system changes.

Customer Stories

With CXone, HireRight improves performance, agent satisfaction & CX

Agents were frustrated and handle times were long because HireRight had to rely on different contact center systems that were not integrated. But with the move to the unified CXone cloud CX platform, there’s full integration with the company’s Salesforce CRM and everything has improved, from agent productivity and satisfaction to performance metrics, including handle time, down 30 seconds!

White Papers

The Work-at-home agent

This paper discusses benefits and options for adopting a home-based agent model. Many factors contribute to the desire for businesses to invest in a work-at-home program including higher agent productivity, reduced attrition, broader talent pool, lower operational costs and response preparedness.