CX megatrends for 2021


Find out what other contact centers have to say about 2021 megatrends and the new best practices that’re being established because of them. The roundtable discussion is led by an industry expert and covers how moving to the cloud decreases uncertainty during a pandemic – and why digitally connecting with customers is a faster, more effective way to add revenue.


5 digital customer service practices that reduce effort and churn

Most contact centers are missing out on opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and retention. For some, it’s because they’re unintentionally ignoring customers. For others, it’s because operational processes are working against them. Find out how your contact center can boost customer loyalty during this discussion with industry experts Chris Bauserman and Vit Horky.

Customer Stories

With CXone, Vera Bradley Continues to Evolve and Innovate

Although Vera Bradley is known for colorful bags and accessories, the company says its CXone experiences have been transformative—like “going from black and white into color.”  From improved reporting to sophisticated PCI compliance to a wildly successful work-from-home program that made agents more productive, CXone has helped position Vera Bradley for a very bright future.


Contact Center Guide to Effective Cost Cutting: An Industry-based View

During economic uncertainty, customers rely on contact centers even more for help answering questions and navigating issues. Right at the time when contact centers are faced with budget cuts and introducing new processes, procedures and technology. Learn strategies for cutting costs – quickly and strategically – so your team can continue providing excellent service when customers need it most.