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Hear Valvoline’s real-world success story of implementing a unique omnichannel strategy blending physical retail stores with contact center expertise driving significantly improved performance and contact center growth. Learn how customer experience drove innovative business models and hear Shawn’s 6 step framework for getting started on your own customer experience improvement project. And, as Valvoline leaders learned, success breeds success, hear how this business transformation has turned their contact center into a profitable business unit!

White Papers

Top Contact Center KPIs for Managing Customer Service, Sales & Collections (PDF)

Managing a contact center requires a combination of art and science, but it's the science that should be driving the art. Contact Centers of all sizes, whether staffed by 20 or 10,000 agents, need key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to effectively manage the operating environment. This white paper provides the top KPIs and metrics and explains how to use them to build and engage workforce that delivers an outstanding customer experience, cost effectively.  

Demo Videos

Contact Center Productivity for KBM Group

KBM Group’s contact center is a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) that provides custom services to their clients. With NICE CXOne, they are able to bring on new clients with confidence. Their competitive advantage includes NICE CXone’s security, flexibility, real-time reporting, ease of use, and the ability to integrate systems. In the first year of using NICE CXone, KBM Group was able to increase productivity by 60% and decrease their cost-per-contact by 42%.

White Papers

Omnichannel toolkit

New channels? No problem. Learn how you can successfully deploy omnichannel service in your contact center.