Help agents do more with digital channels


More than ever before, agencies are experiencing increased workloads – without the benefit of increased staff. It’s one of the reasons so many agencies have activated digital channels for their contact centers. Digital channels make it possible for agents to handle more inbound and outbound programs simultaneously, so their load drops and citizen engagement rises. Discover how digital channels can help your agency take on new duties, while still fulfilling its core mission.


Break down barriers to CX

More and more agency contact centers are adopting digital channels as a way of meeting citizen expectations and increasing engagement. Learn why digital interactions are a gamer-changer for today’s agencies.


The new normal: an agency's guide from contact tracing to remote agents

 The pandemic pushed contact centers into new working models – and it will continue to do so as they move to reopen safely and responsibly. Many contact centers will be tasked with taking on additional duties and handling more communications, while operating under the same limited resources. These challenges call for new strategies and best practices, presented here by industry experts.