NICE inContact Helps Hoveround Maximize Agent Efficiency

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Hoveround Corporation is the #1 distributor of power wheel chairs in the United States. They were the first to build a round super maneuverable power wheel chair where you have the ability to go anywhere you can walk. The quality of the product is Hoveround’s primary goal, but they also feel it is imperative to take care of their customers. With NICE inContact’s Personal Connection Outbound Dialer, Hoveround saw a dramatic increase in efficiencies and performance of their staff. Having access to the reporting capability clearly put them ahead of the curve allowing them to hire the right amount of people and monitor their performance day-to-day. Hoveround’s increase in efficiencies has helped the company grow and customers are able to quickly reach the appropriate agent for their specific needs. NICE inContact truly has become the backbone of Hoveround’s contact center operations.