Customer Stories

NICE CXone Boosts Operational Efficiency for Mattress Firm


Mattress Firm was “rising and shining” every day: Explosive growth had propelled it to the leadership position in the $29 billion bedding industry. But its contact centers were hitting the snooze button: Outdated technology was preventing them from providing the exceptional experience its customers expected. But Mattress Firm’s partnership with NICE—and moving to the CXone cloud-based integrated platform and products—changed all that. In fact, it was the dawn of a new day for Mattress Firm, its contact centers and especially, its customers. Efficiency is up, complaints are down, and now the sky’s the limit for customer satisfaction!

White Papers

The Contact Center Customer Experience Economy (PDF)

We are entering an experience economy where customers are looking not just for the right service at the right time but one that is immersive, engaging and proactive. Learn more on how Contact centers are the epicenter of customer experience and can drive exceptional CX.

White Papers

Contact Center Customer Experience (CX): Competitive Differentiation (PDF)

As we enter the experience economy, customer experience becomes a key tool for differentiation. Learn how your contact center can help be the epicenter of customer experience and drive differentiation.


CXone Cloud Contact Centre Software Brochure (PDF)

NICE CXone, the world’s #1 cloud customer experience platform, transforms your call centre software – empowering exceptional agent and customer experiences: every channel, every time. CXone is the first and only platform unifying best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Workforce Optimisation, Automation and Artificial Intelligence—all built on an Open Cloud Foundation.