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The industry’s most intelligent omnichannel workforce management software

NICE inContact CXone Workforce Management software (WFM) empowers you to anticipate business demands and optimize your workforce with the industry’s most intelligent and accurate omnichannel forecasting engine. Patented AI and machine learning technology unlocks your workforce’s potential and harnesses the true power of your organization’s greatest asset – your people.

Reduce labor


Improve schedule adherence and contact center agent engagement


Minimize WFM administrative
effort and maintenance


Generate intraday
plans for call

Workforce Management Software Features
Empower agents and supervisors
Agents, supervisors, and workforce managers all win with our unified, modernized interface and seamless workflow, and a voice in the WFM process.
  • Improve agent experience with ability to view schedule and receive real-time notification of changes and approvals within the agent interface.
  • Give agents more flexibility to manage work-life balance with peer trade requests, shift bidding, easy time-off request process, and ability to manage preferred hours.
  •  Provide daily insights for decision making with dynamic WFM dashboards.
Simplify WFM activities
Remove the need for specialized WFM expertise by eliminating manual calculations, adjustments and cumbersome steps.
  • Reduce manual WFM processes with automatic tracking aids, intuitive interface and workflows to generate and manage forecasts and schedules.
  • Eliminate guesswork while ensuring the best forecast with Best Pick™ technology.
  • Increase agility in responding to business needs with Intraday Grid, Intraday Reforecasting, Real-Time Adherence, and proactive notifications & alerts.
  • Improve workforce manager speed to proficiency as a result of an easy use and intuitive interface.
Forecast and schedule intelligently
Leverage AI technology, machine learning, and over 40 patented algorithms to achieve your SLAs without overstaffing.
  • Reduce labor waste with clear and trusted forecasts and enhanced schedules.
  • Maximize headcount utilization with schedules that ensure agents are in the right place at the right time.
  • Improve omnichannel customer experience by having the right-skilled agents staffed across all supported channels.
Improve long term planning
Ensure adequate staff is available when needed and proactively plan for any conceivable volume-impacting events.
  • Accommodate unlimited events.
  • Leverage "what if" scenario planning.
  • Precisely align future staffing needs.
What our customers say

"Since CXone Workforce Management enables us to manage by the numbers, it’s fairer to our agents, because it removes any bias. We can run reports that show exactly each agent’s level of productivity so there’s no doubt how much they’re contributing." 

Lauren Crooks
Client Experience Supervisor 
NextGear Capital 

Nextgear Capital testimonial
What is Workforce Management Software?
Workforce Management Software enables organizations to forecast volume and schedule the necessary resources to handle the forecasted volume. Modern Workforce Management solutions can forecast volume for all channels to include; voice, email, chat, SMS/text, and social media leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. An accurate forecast is key in ensuring the right amount of resources are available with minimal idle time protecting operational efficiency. Workforce Management systems should also provide the ability to make intraday adjustments based on actual volume arrival and agent schedule adherence. Additionally, there should be a automated component that aids in the management and scheduling of agent time off needs and shift swaps/adjustments.