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Customer experience (CX) describes the quality of all interactions an individual has with an organization. The more favorable each interaction is, the better the overall customer experience.

If your organization does not have a CX strategy, you can begin by identifying what is important to your customers, then build an experience map by documenting each occasion: when, how, and why a customer interacts with your organization. Then at each point of your experience map, assess how well you are meeting your customers’ expectations and identify areas for ongoing improvement. Because many customer interactions occur with the call center, pay close attention to how your call center contributes to CX experiences. There are now many specialized call center applications that can help improve CX. Therefore, consider upgrading your call center to give agents all the tools they need.

If you need to modernize an outdated call center to improve CX, consider the following:

  • Examine the breadth and depth of all contact center CX applications
  • Look for an “all-in-one” contact center where everything is integrated and supported by a single provider
  • Use trusted, independent sources to verify a provider’s leadership and ability to deliver
AX Maturity Model Assessment
Leaders who invest in developing and prioritizing Agent Experience (AX) will reap superior Customer Experience (CX) benefits. Use this interactive tool to measure your contact center AX maturity. By using this tool, you can improve AX by identifying and making the most impactful changes to your people, processes and technologies.
Modernize your contact center to deliver exceptional customer experiences
Exceptional Customer Experiences
Join our customers Jimmy and Johnny in their customer journeys and learn how CXone enables superior customer service
Increase Productivity
Provide superior customer experiences efficiently and effectively, regardless of location
Seamless Omnichannel
Deliver a seamless, effortless customer experience across channels
Streamline Collaboration
Empower your agents to collaborate within the contact center, and beyond
How NICE inContact Can Help
NICE inContact helps your contact center deliver better CX in the following ways:
CRM Integration
Great CX is achieved when agents have access to relevant customer history. CRM integration software creates a seamless link between your contact center software and your customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This gives agents easy access to customer data within a unified workspace.
Quality Management
Great CX is one result of having well-trained contact center employees. Quality management software helps managers identify agent training needs and provide needed coaching and instruction.
Workforce Management
Great CX depends on having contact center employees ready to assist customers. Workforce Management Software helps managers forecast workload, create and manage difficult staffing scheduling, and report on schedule adherence.
Omnichannel ACD
Great CX happens when a customer connects with the right agent. Intelligent omnichannel software takes inbound voice, email, chat, social, and other interactions and blends them together and routes them to designated agents using rules which precisely match a customer to the best available agent.
Improving CX happens with greater speed and accuracy when analytics are used to pinpoint gaps and make targeted improvements. In addition, specialized analytics can determine the effectiveness of agent assistance and provide insights into customer sentiment.

What Our Customers Say

“With Advanced Chat and Cobrowse for CXone, the customer experience has dramatically improved with much shorter wait times, and our productivity has soared.”

Mike Bowman Senior Contact Center Manager, ECSI