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The healthcare industry is being forced to innovate across the board to keep up with rising expectations for patient care and member services. Today’s healthcare contact centers are tasked with improving the patient/member experience to create better outcomes while simultaneously improving efficiency to drive down operational costs.

Reduce operational costs related to patient care
Satisfy HIPAA and other regulatory requirements with secure data
Integrate with existing CRM, EHR, and billing systems
Drive better patient and member satisfaction levels
Handle multi-channel communications from patients and customers
Cloud Software for Healthcare Organizations
For providers, ranging from general practitioners to large hospital networks and systems, patient engagement is a key initiative. Effective, proactive patient communications are a critical part of the providers’ efforts to increasing patient involvement, reducing costs of providing care and managing overall population.
Maintain Compliance With Evolving Healthcare Regulations
We help our healthcare customers design solutions that ensure compliance with HIPAA and other industry standards most important to their businesses.
Multichannel Experience For Members/Patients
Patient and member communications preferences have changed and healthcare organizations must adapt to new channels like chat, email, social, and mobile.
Self-Service With Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Give patients the ability to self-serve for simple information requests, scheduling, and billing inquiries, while enabling them to connect to a live agent for more difficult requests.
Better Revenue Management
Increase the efficiency of your billing and collections staff while providing a more pleasant experience for the patient.
Outstanding Member & Patient Experiences
With inContact, unique member and patient service strategies are at your fingertips. Now, your organization can engage with existing members and patients in a way that allows you to outshine the competition.
AI Roadmap Builder
Research shows that 64% of contact center leaders are planning to increase their investment in AI call center software. However, deciding when and where to use AI depends on your business and contact center strategy. Use this interactive tool to determine where AI may yield the most immediate benefits for your contact center.
Client Testimonials
"We are able to contact more patients in a more cost-effective manner than before. And we installed the platform in under 45 days compared to a traditional system deployment which would have taken six to nine months."
Alan Clayton, WellStar Health System