SWPP 2016 Is Over but Event Content Lingers

The SWPP (Society of Workforce Planning Professionals) hosted its national conference in early April which brought hundreds of workforce planning professionals to Nashville to celebrate, gain industry insights, learn about new trends in the market, and seek new tools/methods to add to their Workforce Management (WFM) arsenal. With more than 550 attendees and sponsors, this three-day event delivered value to everyone in attendance.

Great insights were passed on by the keynote speaker, Jason Young. A former culture leader with Southwest Airlines and author of two books, The Culturetopia Effect and Servicetopia, he walked the crowd through the impact a strong culture can have on consumer and employee satisfaction and employee retention.

NICE CXone had representation in several breakout sessions and presentations, including a panel with other Workforce Optimization vendors to provide 60 WFM tips in 60 minutes. Needless to say, the NICE CXone contribution was the most significant... However, we will admit to some bias here.

NICE CXone’s customer speaker, Angela Crozier (Michigan Public Health Institute), spoke about how the implementation of a full WFO solution (NICE CXone Workforce Optimization), paired with a strategy to focus on the customer, has driven significant improvement to her organization’s quality and staffing efficiency year after year.

Mark Moore, NICE CXone WFO Design Consultant, and Mary Weiss, NICE CXone Senior Business Consultant, spoke on goal setting and how to meet expectations for project timelines without fail. One attendee of this session remarked, “I really like what they had to say and I only wish I would have brought my recorder to capture it all. I can only write so fast!”

As a whole, the SWPP conference was an excellent event for educating, networking, and learning for the NICE CXone team. The conference featured outstanding thought leaders in the WFM space and is a highlight of our event calendar each year. We look forward to attending and participating again next year and hope to see even more of our readers in 2017.