Top Five Reasons Your Call Center Needs Performance Management Capabilities

Top Five Reasons Your Call Center Needs Performance Management Capabilities

Utilizing performance management software can be a major competitive advantage for your call center. Here’s five reasons why:

1. Your call center will save time, effort and money.

In the instantaneous, Instagram world we live in, manual spreadsheets, canned reports and pivot tables are slowing businesses down. Spreadsheet capabilities are limited and undynamic. The modern solution to this is performance management software that can:

  • Automate and centralize all your raw data from multiple sources
  • Produce all reports on the same platform in customizable formats
  • Provide user-friendly dashboards that highlight the data, modules and metrics you want to see


2. Your agent engagement will increase, and your turnover will decrease.

Turnover can be expensive. According to Gallup 2019, the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary. In order to reduce turnover, it’s important to keep your employees engaged and satisfied. Performance management software can help your agents remain satisfied with:

  • Individualized performance tracking and feedback
  • Motivational wallboards that display rankings, achievements and company messages
  • Incentivized, custom rewards that align with the KPIs and metrics most important to the organization
  • Gamification that motivates agents to improve behavior with challenges and awards


3. Your operational efficiency will improve.

Think of last time you were backed-up in a traffic jam. It probably put you in a bad mood because it caused a delay in your day. When there is a delay or lag in your reports, that same grumpiness ensues – but in the form of operational inefficiency! Without real-time performance visibility, supervisors can’t solve problems efficiently and agents become unmotivated. Effective performance management software should:

  • Allow access to real-time and historical data
  • Show agents how they match up against their peers in real-time
  • Offer schedule-based report subscriptions and metric monitoring alerts that can be utilized to identify an issue in real-time and alert the necessary parties to take corrective action


4. You’ll be able to provide direct solutions to data-driven concerns.

Managing a consistent, effective coaching strategy in a call center can be overwhelming. That’s why a lot of companies are coupling performance management with quality management to harness the power of coaching by:

  • Automatically generating coaching sessions triggered by performance thresholds
  • Filling a supervisor’s task list with coaching sessions they need to perform based on business rules and metric triggers
  • Documenting all coaching sessions, measuring progress and noting any outliers

    Learn more about how coaching can be the best medicine for the contact center here.

5. You’ll have enterprise-wide visibility.

If you want to run a robust contact center, every employee needs to have access to data and information relevant to their work. Performance management software should create enterprise-wide visibility by offering:

  • Dashboard sharing and subscriptions
  • Role-based dashboards from agent to executive level
  • Metrics generated for all organizational levels from agent, team, or floor to site and company-wide levels
  • Multi-slide wallboards broadcasted across the call centers

If you follow these 5 steps, you’ll be on your way to having an engaged, productive workforce.

inView Performance Management for CXone enables organizations to deliver on these 5 items by inspiring employees to own performance and align with organizational goals by providing transparency and continuous feedback in a social environment. If you’d like to learn more about it, check out this datasheet.