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Contact Center Solutions Guide for Operations Leaders


For the operations leader who is faced with searching for a new contact center solution, this whitepaper will offer a simple guide and valuable resource links to help them confidently identify their project requirements, quickly eliminate non-conforming alternatives, and efficiently evaluate and select the best candidate solution.

White Papers

Top Contact Center KPIs for Managing Customer Service, Sales & Collections (PDF)

Managing a contact center requires a combination of art and science, but it's the science that should be driving the art. Contact Centers of all sizes, whether staffed by 20 or 10,000 agents, need key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to effectively manage the operating environment. This white paper provides the top KPIs and metrics and explains how to use them to build and engage workforce that delivers an outstanding customer experience, cost effectively.  

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The Total Economic Impact of NICE CXone (Video)

NICE commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study on NICE CXone. Learn some of the key financial impacts and what customers have to say on NICE CXone.

White Papers

Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions (PDF)

While it is possible to deliver a great personalized experience to customers without technology when a company is small, it is not as easy once the business gains scale. When this occurs, it is time to transition from an informal service/sales organization to a more structured operating department that utilizes best practices and systems to achieve company goals cost effectively. This paper will help Operations and Contact Center leaders build a compelling business case to make the needed investments in the contact center.