Contact Center KPI Benchmarking: Navigating Growth Using KPI Benchmarks


Benchmarks can uncover new opportunities for reducing costs, streamlining processes, increasing profits and improving customer experience. But only if they’re the right benchmarks for that contact center. The same is true for KPIs, when determining what key metrics are needed to create those benchmarks. This webinar provides contact centers with the strategic tools they need to help close performance gaps and get KPI benchmarking right.

White Papers

The Total Economic Impact of NICE CXone - Online Assessment Tool

As we enter the experience economy, Customer experience (CX) proves to be a great competitive differentiator. Achieving exceptional CX is a continuous and iterative process. Organizations need to look at a CX maturity model to programmatically transform CX through contact center. Use this online tool to see where you stack up against your competitors in CX and get a pathway to move from your current level to the next level.


Seamless Customer Experience Combining AI VA with Live Agents

Contact center leaders have questions – How is AI being used in customer service? Where can it add the greatest benefits? How can I get the most out of AI?


The Roadmap to a Cognitive Contact Center

Contact centers are testing the waters in self-service, but AI promises broader—and more exciting—potential for enhancing contact center capabilities. Looking at chatbots and quality assurance, workforce management and call routing, a Forrester expert provides a smart path forward in AI.