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CXone is a Flexible, Cost-Effective Solution for Aetna Medicare Transition Services


Switching from employer health insurance to Medicare can be a confusing process! But having moved from an on-premises system to NICE CXone's cloud contact center platform, Aetna Medicare Transition Services’ contact center helps customers move seamlessly to a Medicare plan — while using a flexible, cost-effective CX solution that’s had a positive financial impact on the business.

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Simplify Workforce management

Simplify everything from forecasting to scheduling without juggling spreadsheets or multiple applications.

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The Power of Emotion in Customer Service

Great customer service and customer experience go hand in hand. And, with more companies competing on the basis of customer experience than price or product features these days, it’s clear that making customers happy isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity. With the right digital customer service platform, every company can offer faster, more results-driven service cut costs and increase revenue by making more customers happy. Read this eBook to learn more.

Customer Stories

Contact Center WFO: BAYADA Streamlines Workflows with CXone (PDF)

The Rx BAYADA Needed: CXone Providing sub-standard experience just isn’t an option for BAYADA Home Health Care’s contact center as it struggled to keep up with exploding growth in contact volume: Its agents are the the first contact for patients, families and providers, determine what services are needed and initiate care. By moving to NICE and CXone, BAYADA has managed to improved efficiency, productivity and CX—all while realizing substantial contact center cost savings.