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Omnichannel Routing - NICE CXone (Video)


Modernize your contact center and empower your agents to positively and productively interact with customers in any channel with CXone Omnichannel Routing. Follow the twins Jimmy and Johnny in their interactions with one contact center that uses CXone Omnichannel Routing, and another one that, unfortunately, does not. Learn how superior customer service can make all the difference as the twins reschedule a service appointment for their beloved Beetles.


Demo Videos

CXone – CX Cloud Done Right | Cloud Center Software

Adam & Jamie are the new official presenters of CXone! Get their take on delivering exceptional customer experiences in the cloud.

Demo Videos

CXone ACD | Contact Center ACD IVR

Match Customers to the Right Agent Every Time Build a strong core for your contact center operations using CXone ACD. Our skills-based routing approach lets you optimize interactions by delivering your customers to the right agent or method of service quickly and effectively, regardless of contact channel. An easy-to-use interface lets you manage queues, monitor interaction quality, communicate with agents, generate custom reports to help in agent performance and customer experience improvement, and much more.