Seamless customer experience Combining AI virtual agents with live agents


What does the digital revolution mean for brand confidence? If the Customer Experience (CX) has traditionally been managed through human interaction, how do AI self-service and virtual agents change that?

Offering digital messaging options not only saves your customers time and effort, it also translates to significant efficiency in your contact center that leads to stronger agent performance and, most importantly, drives higher customer satisfaction.

Get ready to talk AI virtual agents, digital-first service, and the importance of providing a seamless customer experience across channels to reap significant advantages.


How do you measure customer experience?

What do other contact centers have to say about digital channels? Listen in to this roundtable and find out as they discuss how to handle greater call volumes; reduce operating costs; increase agent performance; and improve customer satisfaction. Plus, hear how COVID-19 is driving companies to ramp up automation. Event led by Annette Miesbach, Senior Product Marketing Manager at NICE CXone.


Megatrends for 2021

A new perspective for transforming customer experience in 2021 – beyond familiar metrics, processes & technology silos.


The CX Game Show

How does your CX knowledge compare to your peers? Find out. Watch as other contact center leaders compete against one another during our first-ever CX game show. Questions cover everything from digital-first service to omnichannel experience to customers for life. Have fun and learn strategies for tackling common challenges facing today’s contact centers. Tune in now.