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CX Quality Monitoring & Analytics: Identifying Customer Experience Blind Spots


You might think your call center is providing a satisfactory service, but consumers tell another story.

  • Less than half say they’re satisfied with their contact center experiences, regardless of channel.
  • Pinpointing your customer experience challenges is difficult without specific processes in place to uncover issues.

Just like blind spots when driving your car, hidden problems can derail your well-intentioned efforts to deliver a positive customer experience. In this white paper, we’ll address specific ways you can use quality monitoring and analytics to identify hidden opportunities for improving your customers’ experiences.


Contact Center Analytics for Business Transformation (Webinar)

The latest breed of analytics tools are capable of providing a veritable firehose of data. The question is, how can you turn that firehose into the firepower needed to drive real change to achieve your business goals? Hear from industry experts as they share key trends and insights on how analytics can be implemented in your organization in a relevant and actionable way.    

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Improve omnichannel customer experience with NICE CXone Quality Management

Today’s consumer demands a perfect experience, every time. Randomly monitoring calls is not good enough anymore, but supervisors don’t have the time or resources to ensure agents truly understand what a great CX looks like. 75% of contact center leaders are not very satisfied with their QM programs. And it’s no wonder. With small sample sizes, and 2 in 5 contact centers still using manual quality processes… there’s got to be a better way!