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Webhelp standardizes reporting and helps agents with NICE CXone Performance Management


With so many clients and assignments across the globe, Webhelp struggled for years with inconsistent metrics. But once it rolled out NICE’s cloud-based, CXone Performance Management (PM) solution to all its agents several years ago, Webhelp finally had a comprehensive, standardized reporting system across the entire company. What’s more, CXone PM's gamification features enabled Webhelp to really help its agents work on their KPIs, with coaching and team manager metrics.

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9 Ways to Improve First Call Resolution Rates

In a challenging economic environment, holding on to existing customers is just as important as attracting new ones. Customer retention is one of many reasons that satisfying customers has become a key priority among progressive enterprises. The practical impact at the contact center is to take a fresh look at the metrics that drive performance. First call resolution (FCR) has garnered a lot of attention lately; while it is widely recognized that FCR is one of the top drivers of customer satisfaction, actual usage of this important metric is surprisingly low. In this white paper, we will explore the reasons why contact centers should implement FCR as an essential key performance indicator (KPI), discuss some of the challenges associated with definition and measurement, and suggest practical steps contact centers can take to capture this metric and improve performance. One of the major points of contention surrounding FCR is what the acronym stands for: is it first contact resolution or first call resolution? A purist would contend that first contact resolution is the proper metric, and while tracking all contacts is most reflective of the true customer experience, it is often impractical, expensive and sometimes impossible to develop meaningful metrics that encompass all touch points. For these reasons, we will limit our discussion to first call resolution. The good news is that you can measure and manage first call resolution. Implementing sound practices coupled with an appropriate technology solution makes it possible to measure, understand, evaluate and improve this essential performance metric

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Achieving Contact Center Goals with NICE CXone's Technology, People and Partners (Video)

Hear from users about how NICE CXone’s technology, people and partners are a powerful combination that helps them reach their business goals. Learn more about our next user conference at


Multi-Channel Contact Center Agent Productivity & Efficiency (Webinar)