Better interactions start with better insights.
Enhance the experience
Give your customers a better experience, no matter the channel.
Improve contact resolutions
Quickly discover and resolve customer questions and concerns.
Form lasting bonds
Proactively develop long-term relationships by categorizing interactions into discussion topics and use sentiment to uncover issues.
Stay compliant
Easily identify and correct non-compliance actions.
Coach your agents
Use analytics to uncover potential coaching areas for your agents.
Transform your contact center.
From agents and supervisors, to admins and agents– Interaction Analytics helps your entire team transform your call center, starting with better customer experiences.
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Contact Center Interaction Analytics

CXone Interaction Analytics is an AI powered omnichannel contact center analytics and reporting tool that identifies root cause and trends across 100% of your customer interactions. Whether it’s speech, voice, or text, CXone is designed to analyze, measure, and improve customer satisfaction and detect compliance issues.

With a single, unified view and the ability to identify sentiment and emotion, you can improve efficiency, performance, and use powerful insights to create the type of customer experiences that lead to lasting relationships.
See what call center analytics can do for you.
Learn how Interaction Analytics helps you discover root cause and trends across 100% of customer interactions.
“Because of the analytics and the measurements we have with NICE CXone, we've noticed considerable improvements...
We're close to 70 percent first-contact resolution... and ...our customer satisfaction is over 98 percent across our contact centers.”
Jay Baucom
Senior Vice President of Global Operations and CIO Alphanumeric Systems
Industry leading contact center analytics.
Improve every customer interaction
Improve every interaction across every channel by understanding what transpired, identifying outcomes, and evaluating the customer experience.
Target and improve your KPIs
Now you don’t need to be a data analyst to prioritize and attack the best improvement opportunities and create specific coaching topics for agent improvement.
Detect risk and compliance issues
Easily discover non-compliant actions in near real time and resolve them before issues become problems.
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Call center feedback management

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Transform with CXone interaction analytics

Have you ever wondered if speech analytics could “really” work for your organization? Join us for a unique look at how Expivia uses NICE CXone Interaction Analytics to transform their business. You’ll hear from veteran presenter, Tom Laird, in this webinar as he shares the unique ways his BPO business made processes for quality management, fraud protection, and legal cases easier to identify, manage, and solve.

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