Drive the right agent behavior for every situation.
Set agents up for success

Engaged agents don’t go job shopping! Keep your agents happy and engaged with regular feedback and coaching.
Keep customers coming back

Customers know they are “being recorded for quality purposes.” Prove it with a better experience.
Focus on the teachable moments
Give your evaluators the gift of time by automating and streamlining quality monitoring activities.
Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes.
The equation is simple: quality evaluations plus coaching equals better customer experience. See how.
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Give everyone a say in service quality.

NICE CXone Quality Management puts agents and customers at the center of your quality monitoring program –while still reducing evaluator effort. Strike an effective balance between operational needs and evaluator efficiency with automated delivery of interactions, simplified dashboards, and a modernized form designer.

Put agent improvement and engagement front and center with tools to coach agents and give them a voice in the quality process, like collaborative evaluations and dispute workflows.

With centralized admin in the unified, all-in-one CXone platform, it’s never been easier to monitor and improve quality.
Ready to take CXone QM to the next level? Enter analytics.
Ever feel like your quality management program is missing something? Analytics might be the answer. CXone Quality Management Analytics provides all the capabilities of CXone QM – plus analytics to make your QM program even smarter and more efficient.
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“We monitor call quality very closely. With CXone Quality Management, calls are now recorded so they can be reviewed at any time. It’s enabled us to reduce our seasonal QM team by 70% and reassign them to different positions.”
Jeff Fawcett
Call Center and Training Manager Wine Country Gift Baskets
Quality management software that’s simple – yet powerful.
Hit the ground running
Start monitoring today. From implementation to form creation and evaluations, administering your quality program is easy with unified setup and intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces.
Put agents in the driver’s seat
Collaborative and self-evaluations let agent’s see their interactions from an outside, objective perspective – leading to real lightbulb moments.
Give agents more voice
Automated dispute workflows ensure agents that it’s OK to have an opinion about their quality scores – and the contact center as a whole.
Turn feedback into results

Evaluations are great, but our native, unified coaching packages enable effective development that really moves the needle.
Transform idle time into training time
Reclaim lost time in between interactions for agent training with access to all QM capabilities via their unified agent interface.
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