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5 cant miss ai use cases for your contact center

5 Can’t Miss AI Use Cases for Your Contact Center

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest buzzword in the business world. Organizations are looking to AI to do everything from automating help desk responses to speeding up the development of life-saving drugs. It's true that artificial intelligence has the potential to transform business processes and outcomes, but AI isn't the answer to all of life's problems and the technology needs to evolve a lot before it can identify a cure for cancer.
experts series complete guide to implementing contact center ai

Experts Series: Complete Guide to Implementing Contact Center AI

The industry is abuzz with talk of AI (artificial intelligence). Advocates claim that contact center AI can do wonders to improve CSAT and lower operating costs. But how credible are these claims? It pays to carefully consider the specifics as to when, why, and how you plan to utilize AI in your contact center. This article provides context for how current AI solutions work, allowing you to decide which problems to solve, and offers eight best practices to help select and successfully manage an AI pilot project.
the neglected role of knowledge in contact center conversational ai systems

The Neglected Role of Knowledge in Contact Center Conversational AI Systems

Answering routine questions, assisting contact center agents to handle calls, creating support tickets, checking statuses—conversational AI technologies have transformed all of these contact center tasks. And by doing so, this advanced call center technology has undoubtedly enabled enterprises to create a range of differentiated user experiences and increase productivity in specific workflows.
top 10 benefits take your business to the next level with an ai chatbot

Top 10 benefits: Take your business to the next level with an AI chatbot

Technology is rapidly changing how companies of all types and sizes conduct business. This is true in the realm of customer service and support. Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the right ways can provide businesses with a range of benefits. One of the technologies that have helped to reshape the customer service experience is the AI chatbot. Before we get into the benefits of using an AI chatbot, let’s first get a better understanding of what this technology is and how it works.
How chatbots are changing the landscape of customer support

How chatbots are changing the landscape of customer support

If you’ve interacted online with pretty much any sort of business in the past year, there’s a good chance it was handled by a chatbot. Lately, I’ve encountered more local small businesses using them to take orders and answer questions. The convenience offered by their chatbot helped to win my business. And they seem more prevalent than ever. Have you noticed the proliferation of chatbots on websites and social media platforms? The chatbot is one modern technology that’s more than a trend; it’s becoming an important part of customer service and leveraged by businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition in their sector.
Think Big Act Bigger A Practical Guide for Small Business Call Center AI and Analytics

Think Big, Act Bigger A Practical Guide for Small Business Call Center AI and Analytics

This is the third article in a four-part series designed to help small call centers choose the right software to enable them to thrive and compete. The first article focused on cloud call center software as a growth enabler, the second was all about building customer loyalty, and now we'll discuss how to use modern technology to compete more effectively and take performance to the next level.