CX in the Cloud: Building for the Future


CX Grand Slam Webinar Series: Webinar 4 of 4

Call the plays you need, when you need them with a unified cloud platform from NICE. Hear from other IT and operations leaders on the ease and flexibility of an open, extensible and scalable platform.

Customer Stories

NICE CXone Helps Webhelp Nordic Drive International Growth (PDF)

As part of global business process outsourcer (BPO) Webhelp, Webhelp Nordic services five countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Latvia. Before they switched to NICE NICE CXone, they used an on-premise solution that was difficult to upgrade.

Demo Videos

Ominchannel Cloud Contact Center Solution for Webhelp (Video)

To meet the needs of its international clients, Webhelp needs to offer multi-lingual, omnichannel services—social media, online chat, SMS, and more—that can be customized and scaled quickly when new clients come on board. NICE CXone’s single, omnichannel, cloud solution has been the answer for Webhelp to cover the globe and offer comprehensive possibilities to clients. Learn more about the NICE CXone-Webhelp partnership why it’s even described as “family.”


Contact Center Analytics for Business Transformation (Webinar)

The latest breed of analytics tools are capable of providing a veritable firehose of data. The question is, how can you turn that firehose into the firepower needed to drive real change to achieve your business goals? Hear from industry experts as they share key trends and insights on how analytics can be implemented in your organization in a relevant and actionable way.