Effortless AI for Contact Centers: Guidelines and Framework for IT


If you’re looking for a way to begin leveraging AI technologies in your contact center, look no more.  Watch our webinar, Effortless AI for Contact Centers: Guidelines and Framework for IT, and you’ll get an IT framework and guidelines for AI implementation you can begin using right now.  We’ll help you start your contact center’s AI journey, exploring critical areas that include everything from executing pilots to identifying use cases to evaluating AI technology, measuring success—and more.

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2019 CX Transformation Benchmark (EBOOK) | Contact Center Plans & Metrics

This eBook 2019 CX Transformation Benchmark, Global Findings: Contact Center Plans and Metrics, reports contact center decision maker responses regarding the following: Plans to Move Contact Center Technology to the Cloud Plans to Invest in Channels and Customer Experience (CX) Improvements Expected Need for Resources to Support Agent-assisted Interactions Top Contact Center Goals and Metrics

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AI-Infused Contact Centers Optimize Customer Experience

AI has the potential to be one of the most transformative contact center technologies. However, many Contact Center leaders are unsure of when, where or why to implement AI. Is AI to be used simply to lower cost and increase efficiency? Which contact center applications are the best suited for AI? Which AI applications are ready, and which need more time to mature? Without a clear road map to AI implementation, contact centers will fail to realize the full potential of what AI can deliver.