Webinar: Contact Center Solutions for Government Agencies: Delivering Gold Standard Customer Service


Consumers expect it. The private sector delivers it. Excellent service has become the norm, and your customers will tell you that “good enough for government” just doesn’t cut it.


Customer Stories

NICE inContact CXone Helps Webhelp Nordic Drive International Growth (PDF)

As part of global business process outsourcer (BPO) Webhelp, Webhelp Nordic services five countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Latvia. Before they switched to NICE inContact, they used an on-premise solution that was difficult to upgrade.     Webhelp Nordic’s team of 1000 agents offer support in four languages, so they needed a cloud platform, like NICE inContact CXone, to support both multi-skill, multiple languages, and multiple channels.     “Our customers want as many channels as possible such as social media, online chat, and SMS. NICE inContact satisfies their high expectations for multi-channel support,” says Per Vålvik CIO/CTO.   

Demo Videos

Ominchannel Cloud Contact Center Solution for Webhelp (Video)

To meet the needs of its international clients, Webhelp needs to offer multi-lingual, omnichannel services—social media, online chat, SMS, and more—that can be customized and scaled quickly when new clients come on board. NICE CXone’s single, omnichannel, cloud solution has been the answer for Webhelp to cover the globe and offer comprehensive possibilities to clients. Learn more about the NICE CXone-Webhelp partnership why it’s even described as “family.”